Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ok, so the new semester has started. And I really don't have any complaints.
My nutrition teacher is hillarious. Three hours of English is amazing, only really long. And I know people in all of my classes except for my Spanish class.

So I think I'll talk mostly about my life on the sisterhood blog (, this way I don't have to type it twice.

But, since I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, I will share one of the most exciting One Tree Hill moments with you.

If you haven't kept up, or don't want to see information from currents OTH episodes, don't watch.

This moment, may be better than this one...

Love you all!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hello. How has your year been so far? Mine's been pretty good. All four days of it.
Last night I went to Borders to see Gary, Lara, Ben, and Beth peform. They were realy good. I even woke up this morning with one of their songs stuck in my head. I also bought the soundtrack to Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which to my luck, was 50% off. We watched the movie when we were in California and I really enjoyed it.

Today we got the Wii Fit, and Emily and I are already addicted. We played it for over two hours, and only had to stop from severe ab pain.

Other than that I really haven't done anything else. I have a lot to do this week in preparation for the start of school, but nothing really exciting.

I promised some New Year's Eve PPS pictures, so I'll put those here now. These are the one's the 4 of us took, the ones my mom took will be up later.



I was going to upload more, but my computer started acting up, and I don't feel like trying to photobucket more.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of 2008

So today is the last day of 2008. It was a big year. I graduated from high school. I started college. I completed an entire semester of school for the first time since the 10th grade. I turned 19. I made friends. I lost friends. It was a big year, and its bittersweet to see it go. I'm excited to see what happens in 2009, but 2008 was the a really good year.

I thought that I would do some fun countdown lists, as this seems tradition on New Year's Eve.

8 Most Played Songs of 2008 (This is based on my ipod, not all of these songs are 2008 songs).

8. Feel This- Bethany Joy Galeotti
7. Must Have Done Something Right- Relient K
6. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
5. Might Have Been- Kate Voegele
4. No Good- Kate Voegele
3. Wish You Were- Kate Voegele
2. Kindly Unspoken- Kate Voegele
1. Clair De Lune- Debussy (its very easy to fall asleep to)

8 Best Movies of 2008 (Based strictly on my opinion)

8. 27 Dresses
7. PS I Love You
6. Secret Life of Bees
5. Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
4. What Happens in Vegas
3. Baby Mama
2. Charlie Bartlett (serisously hilarious)
1. Twilight (of course)

8 Best CD's of 2008

8.Relient K- The Birds and the Bee Side
7.Gavin DeGraw- Gavin DeGraw
6.Hawk Nelson- ...Is My Friend
5.Taylor Swift- Fearless
4.The Killers- Day and Age (my favorite Killers yet)
3.David Cook- David Cook
2.Kate Voegele- Don't Look Away
1.Twilight Movie Soundtrack (of course)

I was going to do a list of 8 of my favorite books I read this year, but I really enjoyed all the books I read this year, as I usually don't finish books I don't like. Because of this, I've decided to put the list of all the books I read this year, so you have a list of books to consider.

Nights In Rodanthe- Nicholas Sparks
The Host- Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer
Searching for God Knows What- Donald Miller
Return of the Prodigal Son- Henri Nouwen
Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte
Julius Caesar- William Shakespeare
Great and Terrible Beauty- Libba Bray
Rebel Angels- Libba Bray
Sweet Far Thing- Libba Bray
Atonement- Ian McEwan
Lovely Bones- Alice Seabold
Prince Caspian- CS Lewis
Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen
Last Summer of You and Me- Ann Brashares
Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd
Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins
Velvet Elvis- Rob Bell
The Trial- Robert Whitlow
The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Wedding- Nicholas Sparks
Brave New World- Aldous Huxley

Well, there you go. Tonight we had a PPS photoshoot, so I'll have pictures very soon. I'll also have a new blog for you to look out for.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I dedicate this entry to Tina.

So, you may have noticed the date. Its been a month since I've written here. Let me just say that life has been a little busy. And when it wasn't busy, other things became more important. But, with Tina's insistence, I have set an alarm on my phone to go off twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, to remind me to blog. Tina also expressed that she didn't get any gossip or fun news unless it was through me. This guilted me into making a better effort to write here.

With that said, I will share what's gone on recently.

-I got three A's and B this semester
-I have signed up for two English classes, history 102, spanish 114, and nutrition for next semester
-The college group Christmas party was so much fun. I ended up with a ten dollar borders gift card in the gift exchange with helped me in purchasing the books PS I Love You and F. Scott Fitzgerald's book of short stories
-I started a new novel. "Guess what I'm done writing your book the ending got twisted around", the words of Andrew McMahon are the only ones that describe why I stopped writing the other book I started.

I really can't think of anything else. With that short of a list you'd think that I would have had enough time to blog.

So tomorrow is Christmas eve, and I think that us sisters are gonna drive around and look at Christmas lights and sing songs and catch up on each other's lives. Then there is Christmas, and then mom, Emily, and I are going to L.A. for a girlie trip. We're going to go to Universal Studios, walk the Hollywood walk of fame, and maybe stalk some celebrities. I know Cam Gigandet is high on Emily's list. Hopefully I'll be able to get internet while I'm in Cali so I can keep you (and when I say you, I mean Tina, because she is my only reader) updated.

Here is a of the awesome Gingerbread (graham cracker) house that Tina, Courtney, Lauren, and I made tonight at Church.


Lastly, Tina has told me that she gets songs from James, and I love songs, so I thought I'd share some songs with you. I don't know how to link anything, or give you songs so I'll just name a couple that I'm really into right now.

Lullaby-Mitch Hansen Band [(great Twilight song)(thanks Tina)]

Rowing Song- Patty Griffin (I had this song stuck in my head for days after an episode of OTH and couldn't find it, and then I watched that episode again and my dad tried to talk to me, but I was like "wait, I think its that song!!")

Bittersweet Symphony- Ace Enders and a Million different people (I've always loved this song, but now its remixed and invovles Matt Theisen from Relient K, and proceeds on Itunes go to charity)

Merry Christmas all!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Again I fail as a blogger (even though I really only have one reader).

Twilight was pretty good. I heard a lot of people complain about it, but I went into it thinking "its not going to be as good as the book" and I tried to enjoy it that way. It worked. It wasn't as good as the book, but I don't think that amazingness can be portrayed in a two hour movie. I also hear people saying they liked it better the second time they saw it, which I'll be doing this coming weekend (as long as my mom finishes the book). I'll have a full review after I see it again.
Other exciting Twilight news... New Moon is officially going to happen. I think that it could be even better then Twilight. It will probably have a bigger budget, werewolves, and my favorite scene of all the books. I just hope they do the Italy scenes as exact to the book as possible.

The potluck was lots of fun. I contributed sweet potato fries and my rice crispy treats, which Tony has dubbed Chels-crispy treats. It was really cool to just hang out with everyone from church. No one ever stayed in the same place for long, which meant for lots of mingling. Let's just say that College group is much better than high school group.

The only disappointing news for this post is that I forgot my camera all weekend. So I have no midnight premiere pics or potluck pics. Again, I fail as a blogger.

Well, since I only have one more day with the PPS notebook, I better go get writing and decorating. And I need to start writing the "better sisterhood" script so we can be famous and travel to Greece!

Much Love.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This week has been insane. I've been working on my biology video for the last two days, and I finally finished it about an hour ago. And I finished my English paper this morning.
I was so sick to my stomach last night I couldn't sleep. I was still pretty sick this morning, so I didn't go to school at all today. I am feeling much better now. And its a good thing because there are only Hours left until the Twilight premiere, and I have to be able to make it to that.
I got David Cook's cd yesterday. Let me just say that its as amazing as I expected it to be. My favorite song has got to be 'Come back to Me.' You should definately check it out.
Analeigh didn't win America's Next Top Model tonight, of course. Still making David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, and Caridee are the only reality show winners that I actually was hoping for.

The next few days will be pretty hectic. I have Twilight tomorrow and the college group Thanksgiving potluck Friday night. I'll have pics and updates this weekend!
Here are some pictures I promised.

This is the black dress that I bought for my mom's nurse of the year dinner.


My mom and me about to leave for the dinner. And let me just say, this was the second best hair day of my life.


And this is Flomar. My sister got a panda, dressed him in karate clothes, and named him Mr.Tom Tom Frecklemiester...


I would put more, but I really didn't take any other pictures.